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Family Values

My great, great, great, grandparents moved to Boaz Missouri in Christian county over 100 years ago for the opportunity to own and farm their own land. Growing up in the ozarks I understand and appreciate the hard working family values that are important to my fellow Southwest Missourians. To ensure that Southwest Missouri remains a great a place to live and raise a family, we must defend the values that define us.

We must defend human life at all stages and promote life-saving alternatives like adoption. I oppose abortion except when necessary to save the life of the mother, and while I applaud the successful and non-controversial method of adult stem cell research, I oppose embryonic stem cell research and human cloning.

The Constitution was written in ink, not pencil, and it stands on principles which are not changing but stand on time-tested truth. I will always stand up for our constitutional rights, including our right to bear arms. I’m proud to have received an ‘A’ rating from the National Rifle Association.

I appreciate Missouri’s natural heritage and believe we must pass on to our children the opportunity to discover Missouri’s wildlife and the habitats they depend on. To meet this goal, I support conservation education and common sense guidelines. I’m an avid outdoorsman and recognize that hunting is a vital part of successful conservation efforts.


In Southwest Missouri we have watched company after company pick up and move their plants to more viable, jobs-friendly environments. Having had family members lose their jobs this way, I know the pain that too many have families have felt in recent years.

One of my favorite movies is Field of Dreams. Do you remember the line, “If you build it, they will come”? That is my philosophy about government’s role in creating jobs. Companies will move to and grow in environments that have a strong infrastructure and pro-business legislation.

The government has no business picking winners and losers in business, and no small business owners’ tax dollar should ever be used to subsidize a competitor’s business through special tax benefits extended only to the politically well-connected.

Southwest Missouri has a reputation as being the home of hard working and well-educated individuals. Businesses are aware of this reputation, and I will do everything to draw upon that reputation to bring more businesses and good jobs to our communities.


We must get the government out of the health care business! Thanks to government over-regulation there are fewer and fewer health insurance options and now only a handful of health insurance companies in Missouri. Compare this to the thousands of companies that compete to sell auto insurance across state lines and you quickly see why we need more competition in the health insurance industry.

I believe we should return the healthcare industry to one where prices are controlled by the natural forces of the free market and not by government. If patients choose to purchase health insurance then they should be insured through the private and competitive insurance marketplace, rather than letting government be the insurance provider. If our goal is to get the costs of insurance premiums down so that more people can afford private insurance, then we must alter and remove regulations to enable consumers to choose the insurance solutions that are best for their needs.


Our children deserve an education that equips them to compete on a global scale. As a parent, I want the best education for my daughters and all the children of the state from a public school at a price taxpayers can afford. Across the country, children in public schools are dropping out at alarming rates. But not in southwest Missouri. That is why it is important that control be left in the hands of the district and the classrooms so districts like ours can continue to be successful.

I also appreciate parents who make the difficult and sometimes costly decisions for private schools or homeschool.

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